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What on earth is voltRRon?

Itís the uniting of minds, bodies and superpowers of the R&R universe. Itís the Kryptonite to the videoconference. More specifically, itís a new three-day agency conference that will take place at the beautiful Red Rock Casino, Resort and Spa in sunny Las Vegas, Nevada! It's a celebration and continuation of 40 years of being independent and kicking ass while doing so. Yes, the agency will be closed on the days of the event. Yes, there will be guest speakers, panel discussions and so forth. Yes, there will be comfy chairs, free drinks and parties! No, clothing is not optional.


Please goto to cast your vote for the foundation you'd like to see R&R represent in 2014!
Sent by Tom Madrid at 3:33:02pm on Wed, Feb. 26th, 2014

Featured Event

We head over to Red Rock Lanes for a little Ď70s-inspired party to celebrate our past, toast our future and congratulate ourselves on surviving the convention.

Featured Speaker

Jenny worked at R&R Partners for five years in account management and consumer research before founding Pause, a consultancy centered on the power of meditation, in 2008.

Random Crew Member

I won the Gold Medal in the Oakland County Parks Lawn Mowing Olympics…really.